After a career in video production, editing shows that aired nationwide on the SPEED Channel, I made the decision to go into the world of design. I knew I wanted to make products easier to use before I ever heard the term "user experience."

My journey took me to the Institute of Design, where I graduated with a Master's Degree in Design focusing on Research and Strategy.

Since then, I've been a UX Researcher and Designer focusing on making digital products and services. I've worked entirely in client services which has given me exposure to working with everybody from startups to Fortune 100 clients. I've worked on consumer-facing and enterprise/B2B applications. I've enjoyed the variety and ability to completely dive into a new topic with every project, immersing myself in an industry I probably didn't know existed previously (I've done 2 projects on pet insurance).

If you'd like to see my résumé, please download a PDF.