Besides works, I rotate between a variety of hobbies that I stumble upon or search out. Take a look below to see some of my most recent, and check back because I'm always stumbling on new things.


I've been making music using primarily a drum machine for quite a while. By no means does it sound professional, just me banging on the pads. Much of it is old enough to drive.  *I got DeNogginzer from an episode of Seinfeld.


Check out my past life as a video editor.

Making Stuff

Every couple months I'll stumble upon some craft or activity that I should probably just not bother with. Most recently I tried making furniture.

Food & Drink

Besides furniture that may or may not be level, I'll try my hand at making different types of food and drink. From my own sriracha to nocino, a green walnut liqueur, whatever it is it'll have a kick.